A lot of our CSA members run into the similar problems. And that is that they have too many vegetables than they actually know what to do with! Sounds like a good problem on first thought, however you don’t want all those veggies to go to waste. I decided it would be worthwhile to write up a little guide on different ways you can get the best use out of our produce!


This may be common knowledge to some, but juicing is a fantastic way to use up some extra vegetables. Juicing is incredible for your health, as you get a direct line to all of the nutrients that the plants have to offer. With all of the greens that we have growing right now, you can get your most of the nutrients from one juice!

You will actually end up using more vegetables than you might think when juicing, so I would recommend doing this after you have cooked with them.

There are tons of resources online where you can find different juicing recipes to follow.


This is my favorite way to use leftover vegetables that I didn’t cook with. I actually prefer them over juicing because blending the vegetables in a high quality blender keeps the fiber intact, which allows you to feel fuller, longer. You can also add a bunch of other things like seeds, nuts ,peanut butter, and protein powder. Pretty much making it a full meal.

Healthy smoothies like theseĀ  not only taste good, but kids love them as well. A lot of times kids aren’t too fond of green juices, but will gladly take down a fruit smoothie with some greens that were snuck in there. It’s the best way to get your kid to eat their vegetables!

Be sure to check out blender reviews and figure out which is the best blender for you and your family.

Experiment with different recipes

Google is your friend here. Whatever the vegetable in question is, just do a quick Google search for some recipes and you will get hundreds of results! This is such a fun way to try new things. You will be surprised at the creative recipes you find. Some of my favorite recipes have been found just from Googling the vegetable I want to cook with.

Another great way to find mouth-watering recipes is Pinterest! If you don’t know about Pinterest, it’s basically a social media website made for posting recipes. Just do a search on the website and your biggest problem will be deciding which one to try first. You must be warned though, browsing on Pinterest can and will become an addiction if you aren’t careful. You’ve been warned.


If you really can’t figure out a way to use your veggies and don’t want them to go to waste, donating them is an excellent option. For example, if you didn’t get a chance to cook for a week – bring them to the food bank or a homeless shelter. You could make someone’s day!

I hope this short guide helped!

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