Meet The Farmers, We’re Pretty Cool

Hanah Murphy
Hanah MurphyCo-Founder
Armed with a degree in Environmental Science & Policy from FSU, Hanah puts her passion for local food systems + growing food, borderline-OCD organizational skills, and dangerous coffee addiction to WORK as Ripe City’s assistant grower and sales manager. When she’s not at the farm cuddling the chickens, you might catch her pretending to climb rocks at the gym, binge-watching Gilmore Girls, or planning travels
David Newman
David NewmanCo-Owner/Farm Manager
David is a talented young urban farmer with degree in Geography from FSU.  More importantly he has a passion for fresh veggies and environmental stewardship.  On top of working with a non-profit called EATSouth in Alabama, David helped start and develop the Salvation Army Garden/Urban Farm as well as the Seminole Organic Garden at FSU.  When he’s not farming you might find him in the woods foraging for edible mushrooms or hanging with his friendly dog named Whiskey.  Come by the farm and he might let you pet him!
Tyler Cooper
Tyler CooperDigital Overlord
This is Coop. He came to Tally seeking a degree from FSU; mission accomplished. Now he works for a local company doing marketing and building websites. He may or may not have done this one, depending on if you like it or not. While he doesn’t have much experience actually growing food, he is no stranger to farm life – Coop grew up in a home with fruit trees, veggie gardens, 5 alpacas, 10 chickens, 5 dogs, 2 sugar gliders, a cat and a bunny.

WhiskeyFarm Dog
Whiskey has many roles here at Ripe City.