Meet The Farmers, We’re Pretty Cool

Sarah Bardolph
Sarah BardolphFarm Manager/Creative Director
A Tallahassee native with a life long curiosity for North Florida ecology, Sarah became interested in farming after studying native plants and finding a love for foraging wild edibles. Sarah is re-launching Ripe City at its new home on the south side of Tallahassee in 2018. Having worked with a non-profit arts organization for several years, she is excited to coordinate events on the farm and develop new ways of working with the community.
David Newman
David NewmanFarm Adviser
David is a talented young urban farmer with a degree in Geography from FSU. More importantly he has a passion for fresh veggies and environmental stewardship. On top of working with a non-profit called EATSouth in Alabama, David helped start and develop the Salvation Army Garden/Urban Farm as well as the Seminole Organic Garden at FSU before founding Ripe City on Sixth Ave. His newest endeavor is Liberty Farms. When he’s not farming you might find him in the woods foraging for edible mushrooms or hanging with his friendly dog named Whiskey.